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Tesla to J1772 Adapters

If you have a J1772 compatible EV, you can still charging using a Tesla/NACS plug with one of these adapters. For instance, these adapters would allow you to use the very capable Tesla Mobile Connector or charge at a Tesla destination charger:

I linked to 48A charge rate capable adapters above, but if you have a Ford F150 Lightning or other vehicle that can charge at high amperages, you'll want to get an 80A capable adapter since there are a fair number of 80A Tesla destination chargers at hotels, and people also have Tesla Wall Connectors that can output 80A:

Actually, there's a lot of Chinese manufacturers of 80A adapters now - not sure the quality of any of them, so just search for "80A tesla to J1772 adapter" if you want to find others.

Tesla Superchargers

These adapters won't allow a non-Tesla to charge at a Supercharger station. They are meant for AC wall plug or Tesla destination charging only. Various EV manufacturers are expected to start selling/distributing Tesla/NACS to CCS adapters that will work with Tesla Superchargers in early 2024. This will allow non-Tesla EVs to charge at Tesla Superchargers then.

Beware Generation 1 Tesla Wall Connectors at 80A

Tesla is now selling their third generation Wall Connector. The two previous generations allowed charging at up to 80A, and some newer EVs like the Ford F-150 Lightning can also charge at 80A. But Tesla's 1st generation Wall Connectors were designed when the J1772 standard hadn't standardized an 80A charge rate, the result being that generally only Teslas can charge at 80A with a 1st generation Tesla Wall Connector, no matter what J1772 adapter you use. See below to figure out what kind of Wall Connector you might be using:



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