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Extension Cords

One problem with any corded EVSE (like the Tesla Mobile Connector) is that they typically only have a 20' long cord, and your receptacles could be farther away, especially if you are charging on the road in a random rented house or condo and are trying to reach a dryer receptacle.

You have two choices. You can buy an extension cord for the household plug side, in which case you need a specific extension cord for every type of plug you want to extend. Or you can now purchase an extension cord for the EVSE plug end (either a J1772 extension or a NACS plug extension), in which case it becomes a universal extension cord for any type of plug that your corded or mobile EVSE supports.

For the latter, here are a few products that will extend the EVSE plug end giving you a universal extension cord:

If all you need is a single extension cord for a known destination plug, here are some links:

For a NEMA 14-30 (modern house dryer plug), I would just use the 14-50 extension cord above and saw off the neutral blade (straight blade opposite of the round ground) since the neutral is not used for car charging. This allows it to plug into either a 14-30 or 14-50 receptacle. Just remember to dial back the amps to 24 amps when using a 14-30 receptacle.



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