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If your condo parking space does not already have a dedicated EV charging receptacle, you will have to go through a process to get one installed. Some condo associations are easy to deal with while others put up as many roadblocks as they can. Be aware that certain states have laws that require a condo association to allow you to install your own EVSE (at your own expense) with no unjustified restrictions.

EverCharge is a company that works with condo associations to install shared and non-shared EVSEs.

ChargePoint is another company that has solutions for condo charging.

DCC sells a box that can allow you to install a 240V EVSE onto a small (maybe fully loaded) electrical panel that you might find in a condo or older house. Use this instead of having to do a panel or service upgrade (which is usually impossible in a condo).

Here is a good guide on condo charging, with a specific focus on laws in Ontario, Canada, but there is lots of good information here.

Some condos and apartment dwelling EV owners will opt to charge their car at work or, if all else fails, using public fast chargers. Tesla owners are more apt to rely on charging outside their home on a routine basis since they have access to very high power, reliable and available Superchargers, but I still wouldn't recommend it.



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