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What's a Magic Dock?

Starting in early 2023, Tesla opened up part of their Supercharger fast charging network to non-Teslas. They did this by retrofitting some Supercharger stalls with a "Magic Dock" adapter that allows the charging cable to charge both Tesla vehicles and non-Tesla vehicles via an integrated CCS adapter.

Here is a map of all "Magic Dock" enabled Tesla Superchargers.

This is what a Magic Dock Supercharger stall looks like - it has a bigger location where the handle is docked. If you just walk up to it and remove the handle, you'll get a Tesla plug. If you instead go into the Tesla app and tell it to enable CCS access at that stall, then when you grab the handle, a CCS adapter will be connected to the Tesla plug. In both cases, use the Tesla app to set up a charging account. Here's a short video showing this in action.



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