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This isn't about charging, it's about anti-charging. This page talks about how to extract power from your EV.

Any EV battery has a lot of energy stored within it. A fully charged EV battery could power a fully loaded 15A/120V receptacle for well over 100 hours. As such, there are many use cases where you might want to draw power from your EV:

Many EV are starting to come standard with 120V receptacles, and some truck EVs now have 240V receptacles. Using these is dead simple, just plug in and use.

Some EVs allow you to draw power directly from the EV's charge plug via an adapter. Current EVs that allow this include Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, KIA Niro EV (Premium +), KIA EV6, GENESIS GV60, GV70 & G80. Following are a few adapters that give you 120V receptacles via EV charge port adapters:



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Vehicle To Load

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