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Receptacle Identification

Use this page to identify receptacle type. Be aware that the receptacles look different when the ground pin is on top or the bottom. Electricians can install any of these receptacles either way.

NEMA 5-15
Regular household, 120V at 15A.
NEMA 5-20
The horizontal slot in the left slot indicates this can supply 20A at 120V.
NEMA 14-50
50A at 240V. Typical high power receptacle for EV charging. You can find these at RV campgrounds where they'll be referred to as "50A connections".
NEMA 14-30
The blade opposite the round ground is L shaped. 30A at 240V. This is the receptacle modern houses use for dryers.
NEMA 14-60
Farm equipment, misc. industrial use. Not very common. 60A at 240V.
NEMA 10-30
L shaped neutral and two angled blades. 30A at 240V. This is what older houses use for dryers. No ground.
NEMA 10-50
Straight shaped neutral and two angled blades. 50A at 240V. Used for older style ranges and welders. No ground.
You'll find these at RV campgrounds, and are commonly referred to as "30A connections". While these are 30A, they are only 120V.
Often used for marine ship to shore power, 50A at 240V.
Very similar to the NEMA SS2-50, but has a spike in the middle. Also called "California style" plugs. These are locking connectors often used for temporary or venue power (large outdoor events) and construction job sites. 50A at 240V.
NEMA 6-15
Heavy duty table saw, other misc. equipment. 15A at 240V.
NEMA 6-20
Often used for motel air conditioners. 20A at 240V. Note that a 6-15 plug can also plug into this.
NEMA 6-30
Often used for motel air conditioners. 30A at 240V.
NEMA 6-50
Often used for arc welders. 50A at 240V.
Marine 30A
Used for ship to shore power. Plug compatible with a NEMA L5-30. Locking plug, delivers 30A at 120V.
NEMA L14-30
Locking plug often used on generators. 30A at 240V.

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