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A Mobile EVSE is just like a regular EVSE that you install in your house, except that you can take it with you in your car. This allows you to charge at your destination when taking a long trip.

At a minimum, a mobile EVSE allows you to plug into a regular household 120V receptacle. Over 16 hours of overnight charging, you could get 48 miles of range this way. But as the Destination article shows, there are potentially a lot of other higher power receptacles you could plug into including receptacles for an electric dryer, an air conditioner, a stove, an RV hookup, or a welder plug (the Receptacle Identification page shows what the receptacles look like).

Here's how fast you can charge using various receptacles (typical values, charge time depends on your EV, exact voltage, etc.):

Receptacle Volts/Amps Typical Miles/Hr Miles over 16 hours
Household receptacle 120V/15A 3 48
20A Household receptacle 120V/20A 5 80
30A RV (TT-30 receptacle) 120V/30A 7 112
20A NEMA 6-20 (AC, Table Saw) 240V/20A 10 160
30A Dryer 240V/30A 15 240
50A (RV or Welder) 240V/50A 25 400

Following is a list of capable mobile EVSEs that will allow you to charge on any receptacle.

Beware the Ford F150 Lightning Mobile Power Cord

The Lightning comes with a very capable "Mobile Power Cord" which has adapters to allow it to plug into a 15A/120V household receptacle or a 50A/240V receptacle. It can charge at 32A through the 240V NEMA 14-50 receptacle.

HOWEVER, as of January 2023, there is no way to reduce charging speed (meaning amperage draw) when using either of these adapters. In particular, if you use the 50A/240V adapter and then use one of the many pigtail/dogbone adapters to change the 50A plug into a 30A plug for plugging into a typical dryer receptacle, the Ford Mobile Power Cord will still draw 32A of current even though the receptacle (and breaker) can only safely output 30A, and for continuous use (like when charging an EV), should only be used at 24A.

So, you must use a different mobile charging product if you want to connect to a dryer receptacle or anything that isn't rated for at least 40A/240V or 15A/120V. See below for a couple of alternatives.

ZenCar Mobile EVSE

EVSEAdapters has a nice small capable mobile EVSE. It can charge at both 120V and 240V, from 12A all the way to 40A. You can then buy various adapters (and/or make or buy other adapters), and you'll have a very capable mobile EVSE. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive too. Just remember to set it at the appropriate amperage when charging.

Volt/Bolts Can Do More!

The included mobile EVSE for newer Volts and Bolts from 2016 model year on is actually a 240V capable EVSE. While it only comes with a hardwired 120V/15A plug, you can plug it into a "pigtail" adapter and charge at 240V/12A instead of 120V/12A. This will give you more than double the charge rate. Instead of about 50 miles of added range overnight, you could gain 110 miles of range over 16 hours.

The Volt/Bolt Adapters page shows how to make these pigtails.

Grizzl-E Mini EVSE

Grizzl-E sells a small mobile EVSE that comes with five different plugs: 14-50, 6-50, 14-30, TT-30 and a 5-15 household plug. It can charge at both 120V and 240V, from 7A all the way to 40A. You can also make or buy other adapters. Remember to set it at the appropriate amperage when charging.

Tesla Mobile Connector

Tesla makes a very inexpensive and capable mobile EVSE. If you own a Tesla, you should definately always have one of these in your frunk/trunk. For other EVs, you can still use this if you buy a Tesla to J1772 adapter (see below).

The nice thing about the Tesla mobile EVSE (they call it a Mobile Connector) is that it has detachable plugs so you can plug directly into a dryer receptacle, or any 120V or 240V receptacle and the unit automatically will set the amperage draw to the correct value for the type of plug you are using. The Tesla Mobile Connector comes with a 15A/120V plug and a 50A/240V plug, but you can buy others at $35 each (again, cheaper than other types of plug adapters).

For non-Teslas, here are three Tesla to J1772 adapters you can buy to make the Tesla Mobile Connector work with your car (buy one, they all do the same thing):

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