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Load Sharing: Between Vehicles

Unless you have a large electrical service, or a lightly loaded electrical panel, having capacity to charge more than one EV at a time can be challenging. Here are some products/ideas to help.

Some EVSEs can share a single circuit breaker. So you can install a single, for example 60A, breaker and then have two or more plug handles going to different vehicles. Whenever the vehicles charge, they share the power from the 60A breaker among themselves.

Tesla makes two different EVSEs, one with a Tesla handle and one with a J1772 handle (compatible with all other makes). The two EVSEs are identical otherwise and can be programmed to share a single breaker among up to 6 EVSEs.

Enel Group makes a line of J1772 EVSEs that can share a single breaker.

The Grizzl-E Duo is a single EVSE that has two J1772 charge handles to plug into two EVs. It automatically load balances between the EVs.

Load Sharing: Between EV and Appliance

If you have an electric dryer near your garage, you can use one of these products to share the 240V/30A dryer receptacle with your EVSE.

SplitVolt makes a range of products that allow you to share a single dryer receptacle between your dryer and an EVSE plugged into it. When the dryer draws current, it cuts off power to the EVSE, allowing you to charge your EVSE overnight without having to unplug and replug anything.

This inexpensive dryer receptacle splitter from Briidea works with NEMA 10-30 receptacles (they say they have a 14-30 receptacle version too).

For a cheaper alternative, you can just get a Y cable. The downside is that you have to make sure you aren't running the dryer and charging your vehicle at the same time when using one of these Y cables. A Y cable is preferable to simply plugging and unplugging your EVSE and dryer from a plug since such plugs are often older and/or cheaply built and the spring contacts are either worn or will wear out with such use. Better to plug something in once (or just a few times) and don't touch it. This Y cable comes in either a NEMA 10-30 or NEMA 14-30 version.

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