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Charging Information for Tesla Model 3/Y EVs

Tesla Model 3/Y charges through a proprietary Tesla plug that is electrically (but not physically) compatible with the North American J1772 charging standard. Tesla cars come with a small J1772 adapter to allow charging from any J1772 public or home EVSE.

The Model 3/Y also comes with a Gen 2 Mobile Connector that allows charging from almost any type of North American plug (via adapters) and comes standard with an adapter for a household 120V 15A receptacle.

All Model 3/Y cars come standard with the ability to charge from Tesla Supercharger high speed D.C. charging stations. Tesla charges Model 3/Y owners a usage fee to use Superchargers. Model 3/Y can charge from any Tesla Supercharger at power levels up to 250 kW. D.C. charging speeds are variable due to a number of factors including: how hot the charger/cable is, how hot/cold the car battery is, whether the charger current is paired with another stall, and how full the battery is.

Model 3/Y are also compatible with CSS fast D.C. charge stations using the Tesla Combo 1 adapter.

Model 3/Y are also compatible with CHAdeMO fast D.C. charge stations using the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter which is no longer sold (CHAdeMO is a dying standard), but you can probably find one on eBay if you look..

Model 3/Y cars come with a built in charger capable of A.C. charging at 32A, or about 30 or 44 miles of range added per hour. This charge level will allow a Model 3/Y to charge full overnight.

In the past, Tesla recommended that new owners install a NEMA 14-50 receptacle and use their included Mobile Connector to charge their car. While that is still an option, I personally recommend that new owners instead purchase a Tesla Wall Connector and leave their Mobile Connector in their frunk or trunk. The Wall Connector is more robust, allows for circuit sharing should you get a second EV, and makes sure you'll never forget your Mobile Connector when going on a trip.

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