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Charging Information for Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster was designed to be charged using a Roadster-specific charging connector. The car came with two Roadster specific EVSEs, the MC-120 and the MC-240. The MC-120 plugs into regular household receptacle and can charge the car at either 12A (default) or 16A (settable in the car) if you are plugged into a 20A receptacle. The MC-240 comes with a NEMA 14-50 plug and can charge at 30A/240V.

Tesla used to sell a Roadster High Power Connector (HPC) which is a direct wired Roadster EVSE that charges at 70A/240V.

These three charging methods are described and shown in this informative video.

There are also a few third party charging options for the Roadster. This site sells a couple of adapters that allow the Roadster to charge from either J1772 compatible EVSEs, or Tesla EVSEs (but not Superchargers). And QuickCharge Power will modify your Roadster to allow it to charge from CHAdeMO stations at fast DC power speeds (typically 140 miles added in one hour).

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