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Charging Information for BMW i3

The BMW i3 charges through an industry standard J1772 connector. The car can charge at a maximum of 32A/240V via a third party EVSE. This allows the car to fully charge overnight.

Starting with the 2015 model year, D.C. fast charging ability (called DC Quick Charge, DCQC) is standard. The i3 uses the CCS DC charging standard. In prior years, DCQC was optional.

The BMW i3 also comes with a mobile EVSE that can charge at 12A/120V.

Tesla Chargers for Non Tesla Vehicles

There is another type of charger you can charge at with the right adapter.

Tesla has spent years installing and building a proprietary destination charging network at restaurants, hotels and businesses (not to be confused with their Supercharger network, which is different, and cannot currently be used by non Tesla vehicles). As of 2023, they have more than 35,000 locations that can provide (usually) free charging at a 32 amp or more charge rate. In addition, many Tesla owners will have installed a Tesla specific charger in their houses.

Non Tesla vehicles can also use these destination chargers if you have one of the following adapters (all three of these do the same thing, pick one):

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